Friday, May 15, 2009


You and I have had a long long history. When I was just 15 I watched you take my great uncle. I went to his house everyday to find him in horrible pain, while my aunt sat in a corner and tried to figure out how she was going to go on. She did but he died a horribly painful death. You really did not have to go that far. Years later you came for my mom not once or twice but 3 effing times. I know she was a tough one but you made sure to break her down first. Even attempting to take her mind. Then my auntee Bert another one that fought you tooth and nail. You came for my sister we sent you packing and trust if you show up for her again you will get another all out assualt. My church memebers, my coworkers and my friends. Now Wayman Tisdale. He was one of the guys that really got me into basketball. I followed him in his Jazz Career. He was 44 freakin years old. I know it means nothing to you since you go after kids too. Its been 25 damn years can you Please Please LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE!!!!!

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