Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eating Crow and Loving It!

For my midnight snack last night I had my dark chocolates and a big helping of crow, which I washed down with my chamomile tea, and loved it! As I watched Hillary speak last night I was so fired up. I smiled and cheered with her. I loved the intro video but she just delivered. I mean she put on the big girl panties or pantsuit and went out there and did me proud. I was not even going to watch her speech but, I got home just as her video came on. Anyone who has talked to me or read my writings of the last week know that I was never a Hillary supporter, but last night she was my girl! I have said that she would like to be in the center of that carnival ride that pins everyone to the wall because, after all, everything and everyone must revolve around her. In my post WHAT? I wrote: If we want unity then she has got to put away her ego and get this done. If Bill Clinton is supposedly so broken up over his legacy under Bush then stop whining and get Barack elected. I get that she needed some time to lick her wounds but Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have been making the news rounds for McCain where is she? Last night she put her ego on the shelf and said expressly that this was not about her but the Marine without healthcare and the 47 million like him. She said democrats know how to do the things that we need to do. As much as I am not a Hillary fan I am definitely not a Bill fan but watching his response to her last night made me cheer for him too.

I think if she behaved this way in the primaries I would have considered voting for her. That is all water under the bridge. I have to admit that I am even thinking of joining the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits. I agree with her wholeheartedly when she says we have to keep going but in order to keep going we have to get going. That has been my biggest problem with all those in Hillaryland who keep talking as if this is about her and the respect she should be afforded. I voted for Senator Obama, but if he was not the nominee Hillary would have my full support. This was not about gender or race. I would be lying if I said that Barack's race isn't part of his appeal for me. When I see him, fair or not, I see bigger possibilities for my boys and my nephews. If it were Hillary I would be seeing those same possibilities for my daughter and my nieces, actually I still see them. I have help to elect plenty of white men over the years and that hasn't always worked out for me. I love Senator Obama but I love America more. I am a democrat because it is a fact that economically democrats outperform republicans. When it was time to overhaul our welfare system democrats did it in a way to empower not judge. It is now time for healthcare and energy reforms and I just do not trust the republicans to spearhead any of the change that we need. They are the party that inherited a surplus and is expected to have a half trillion dollar deficit by the end of the year. This is about getting our country back to where it should be. If we want that then democrats are the people to do it. In Hillary’s own words “no way, no how, no McCain”.

I can’t wait to see Bill tonight, go figure. By the way, I had another helping of crow with my oatmeal and coffee this morning! LOVE YOU HILL!!!! .

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