Monday, August 25, 2008


I am wondering if I am in an alternate universe. Ever Since Barack announced that he selected Senator Biden as his running mate the world is once again revolving around Hillary. If I hear one more person talk about the respect that should be afforded to Hillary Clinton I am going to scream. SHE LOST!!!! Which part of this don’t we get she is not the winner. It is Barack’s right to pick up his toys and leave the playground. She is the loser and a sore one at that. She seems to be channeling Dennis Rodman. David Gergen, whom I really beginning to dislike was on CNN and MSNBC talking about how Barack did not even consult Hillary’s counsel on a running mate (gasp). Am I missing something here? Since when do we bend over backwards for the loser? My family is not for the faint at heart I know, but the bragging rights in our legendary spades and monopoly games go to the wining person or team the other person stand there smiles, and hope they can get another chance next time we get together. Can anyone tell me who won the silver when Michael Phelps won the gold? We don’t care. Don’t get me wrong I think Hillary accomplished a monumental feat. But my goodness she lost.

I was soo proud of her but I was also a little apprehensive. Women all over this country were talking about all the girl power this woman evoked but was I the only one to notice that she got there just because she was someone’s wife? Do we tell our daughters to work hard and push for what you want but it is really who you marry? Yet this woman was where we placed all our girl love. No doubt she may have gotten there because she was someone’s wife but she busted in and proved she belonged. The problem is she lost her grace and I am suspecting she never had any class as it is something you have or don’t. I have begun to lose respect. When this PUMA mess started I did not see her, Gergen or Carville say enough already! Stop this mess. I see John McCain’s ads talking about her and using her quotes. Where are her ads saying this is it, it is Barack and if we want this then we have to vote for him. She should be drawing clear lines between her positions and McCain’s.

My Grandma used to tell me that we don’t put family business out there but she put the democratic family business out there for the entire world to see. Now we are like the family who has to decide which aunt’s house to go to for Thanksgiving so we just skip the whole mess and stay home or go to the in-laws. If we want unity then she has got to put away her ego and get this done. If Bill Clinton is supposedly so broken up over his legacy under Bush then stop whining and get Barack elected. I get that she needed some time to lick her wounds but Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have been making the news rounds for McCain where is she? Making the rounds begging for money to retire a debt she got herself into and then saying oh, by the way vote for Barack. If all these people are so fired up over getting her in the white house, then retire her debt. The plane tickets and gas alone for all these demonstrations in Denver should help her. I have my $20 but it is waiting for her to show some genuine effort on her part. David Gergen, do me a favor and shut up! Hillary, do me a favor and get over yourself and out of our way so we can get a democrat in the White house and start to fix this mess we are in. The things facing this country are too important for one person to hold up. LISTEN UP Hillary is not the nominee. Barack is and it is his right to decide who is on his team, it is his right to seek the counsel of whomever he wishes. This is about him not Hillary. If we want respect for the next woman then she and her supporters have got to act with some dignity and (gasp) class.

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