Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bailout Please!!!!

I heard you are doing bailouts. I do not need an insane figure like 85B I would just like 85K. See I got a little problem over here. I have 3 children who all expect to clothed, fed and have a place to live. They want insane things like new backpacks, money for lunch, fees for football, soccer, basketball and then there are those dance lessons and karate. Not to mention all of the gear and the time and gas that goes into those things. So I just said no fall activities because truth is last time I went to the gas station and the grocery store in the same day I had to call that automated system to make sure I had enough to cover everything. I keep trying to get a second job but not one of them want to pay me enough to pay the babysitter. See I have collateral, well some. The great state of Maryland let me know last month that I am owed a little over 18k in child support. I know that only a little more than 20% but I do have a car and a bank account well some electronics may be better. I just need to know where to line up for this loan. I think my kids and I could use a little bail out too as some of the reasons we even need this loan could be blamed on your boss not doing such a good job. You see my healthcare cost have equaled to or surpassed my raise for the last 5 years. Gas, my goodness what a mess that is. It affects everything from a gallon of milk, which we rarely buy, to a dozen eggs which I now buy from the local farmer’s market because I cannot even think of buying them in the grocery store. I am driving a pretty old vehicle which I can’t even dream of getting rid of.

I know you need to know what I will do with the money so here is my list:

I will let each kid chose a sport or activity for the fall as has been our tradition in the past.
I will fill up my car each week
I will take the kids out to eat once a week like we used to
I will go the grocery store and just buy food and a few snacks without feeling panicky on my way to the register
I will buy myself something new not from the thrift or consignment shop but something with real tags on it
I will take my care to the dealer for that $212 service it “needs” according to the light anyway.
I will buy my children a Wii and a few games for it. I know this is not a necessity but they really are great kids and follow my “the way we live bulls**t” as the reason for not having one when the truth is I cannot justify buying one see note above on trip to grocery store and gas station.
Lastly I will take my son on a special trip for his 13th birthday I have been planning it for a long time and even started saving for it but I will have to dip into that savings for Christmas this year so the trip is looking a little more like tickets to a football game (college)

Pretty much I would just like to live like it is 2003, 2001 even 1999. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I will submit all necessary documents for your loan application. Just let me know where to send them.

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