Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Can't I Ask?

I have a lot of thoughts in me that I was going to get out today but Gov. Palin is on my mind. More to the point the fact that there are many who think she is off limits because she is a woman. We keep talking about wanting equal treatment then when it doesn’t go our way we get to yell, scream and stomp our feet. Sexism is a very real thing. As someone who has dealt with both racism and sexism I can tell you that whining about it gets you nowhere. I have been called a Black b***h more times than I care to count. You move on because, surprise, life is not fair! Does it hurt yes, but I and many others like me know that we got where we are because so many before us took far worse and endured so we can get to this place today. I wrote about this with the Hillary supporters who were yelling about her getting respect from Barack Obama. She should have been consulted about who his VP pick was and her issues should be discussed. In my years of following politics no loser has been given as much as she. All because of the political correctness of our day. Look, she was not the pick and did not need to be consulted because this was Obama’s victory to savor not hers. If she were a man she would have been sent on her merry way long before the primaries ended.

Now it is rally the uteruses time with Gov. Palin. Her family is off limits, calling into question her judgment as a mother cannot be done, she is a woman. Look if the playing field is level then her judgment at home is on the table just as John Edwards was considered a jerk for cheating on his cancer-stricken wife. Bill Clinton for sleeping a girl not much older than his daughter. When you choose public life all of it is public including your kids. Hillary went to great pains to protect Chelsea and we all remember the jokes one by even John McCain. Gov Palin thought that somehow she and her children would be spared? Give me a break! Remember all the questions about why John Edwards even ran or why Elizabeth let him? I do question her as a parent because I have made choices that hurt my career to put my kids first. It’s called PARENTING. Hillary could have run for office long ago but chose to wait. Gov. Palin did not make these same choices and she wants me to think she is just like me, normal? Normal my big wide a**. You talk about how sacred life is then what about nourishing it when it gets here. If she were a guy I would be asking the same questions. Why can’t I ask them of her? If we are not asking this of our public figures then we are all lacking. Just because she is a woman does not give her a pass. You want a level playing field then stop yelling foul and play! This is not little league where everybody has to play nice. In the big time you can sustain career ending injuries. It’s a risk you take. Gov. Palin put on the big girl gear you are in the big leagues now!

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