Monday, September 22, 2008

Whose Kids are These? Part one

My 12 year-old told me the other day that he has “girl issues” he wanted my perspective on. He says his new girlfriend was upset that his old girlfriend asked him if they could go out again. The new girlfriend is mad because he even spoke to the old one. OK now as I try not to choke on my coffee. I told him that his new girlfriend’s insecurities were not his problem, but he had to make sure he was being sensitive to her feelings. I asked was he bragging about the old girlfriend, and how did she even find out as he should have said no and moved on. We went round and round and I told him that he needs to remember that he has a sister and cousins and to always treat girls how he would want boys to treat them. This always gets a kind of panicked look from him as his little sister is his biggest adorer and he returns that love full force. They are soo sickening to watch. That little nugget of advice always bring out the “man” in him as he talks about how he will be leaning on any guy that she brings home. OK now back to my rant this kid is 12 and in the 8th grade whose kid is this? Girl problems? I keep looking at him and thinking this is the kid who did not brush his teeth without me standing over him just 4 short years ago and now he has girl problems? Who are these girls and where are their parents? I know I wanted my kids to come to me but can’t they call their aunts or uncles for this kind of heartburn stuff? Is it too late to just bury my head in the sand? Lord help me I need some amaretto in this coffee.

My 7 year-old gets an IEP to officially tell me what I paid someone ($150) else to tell me a year ago. He is dual exceptional. What is that you ask? My kid has ADD AND he is gifted. Yeah, I know you can’t make this stuff up. He is already suffering from the biggest case of middle child syndrome that I have seen since my sister (33 and still not over it) and now this little fact. He makes 101 on a spelling test one week and the next he makes 30. The difference…. his table mate was crying when he made the 30. Not sure how to even begin addressing this. Is it fair for him to get another test? So I just send the teacher a note asking her to call when she gets a chance. Right now I guess I will just ask what her opinion of what we should do about this. I know he knew all of those words but how genuine does this sound from him mom? Sigh!!! Why can’t he just be pulling some girl’s hair or making noise? That, I know how to deal with. This I am a fish out of water, wayyy out. I do not want to be that parent the teacher does not want to hear from but I have to get my kid through school with at least a little self esteem, how else can I expect him to leave home before 30?

My charming, beautiful, loving daughter thinks she is princess of the world. Literally. She seems to think that class time should revolve around her. She has taken to throwing things, giggling to no end and making bad jokes. Her father and brother think it is because she is so smart that she is bored. I think it is her just being a brat. I know she is my kid and God I love her but she does think the world begins and ends at her feet. She told her last babysitter that her dad calls her princess but “you people” don’t. I am still trying to figure out who you people are I am guessing its those of us who live on planet earth. Anyway, I talk to her nicely and take away her TV time. She is all tearful and mournful telling me how she will not do it again. OK 2 days later I get the same call. This time I was not so nice and I would not let her wear any of her new clothes, make her carry her old lunch bag and all has been well ever since. Princess of the world indeed.

Just writing this has made me realize how much I need a trip to the adult drink store. Amaretto, red wine, white wine, gin…. maybe I just need to see if they have a store credit card. I see a lot of praying and drinking in my future and not always in that order.

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