Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cheering For Sarah Palin

Today I am rooting for Sarah Palin. I know, I know ironic. I am rooting for her in the way you root for your kid when they wait for the last minute to do an assignment. You know you don’t want them to fail but you kind of hope for a not so good grade so they can see the importance of proper prior planning. Maybe I am the only bad mommy but how can I be right if they get an A after waiting to the night before to even start the thing. I digress. I have seen and heard the reports of her going to the UN today to meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and other world leaders. One reporter referred to the meetings as foreign policy speed dating. As I lay in bed this morning getting my last prayers up I included one for her to not screw this up. I know I should be hoping she does so it will fly in the face of all those people who are talking about her being a ‘sharp’ woman, able and smart enough to run our country. But truth is I do not want her to screw this one up too badly. Our image as a nation has taken enough hits that we do not need anymore. You see most people would assume that a nation’s leaders represent the best and brightest it has to offer. If she walks into these talks and says or does something stupid what does that say about us? Remember these people have been talking with W over the past 8 years and have lost all respect for America. What will Sarah do today?

Obama and McCain have the respect of a lot of leaders around the world. It has been reported that the President of Georgia called Joe Biden before calling W when Russia invaded. So we know about them. Now here she is with a shiny new passport with 2 whole stamps on it and she wants a meeting with someone whose support is vital to our efforts in Afghanistan. We need his support if we are to have any chance of dealing with the Taliban. Forget the fact that she could make us look bad, screwing this up can cause loss of more lives. I have family and friends in Afghanistan and their safe return is a daily prayer of mine. I have attended enough funerals over the last 8 years. So today I am cheering, and praying for Sarah Palin. DO NOT SCREW THIS UP!

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